Important ‘stay safe’ info

September 17, 2017


I recently attended a community seminar (fairly poorly patronised) which was organised by the All Stars Martial Arts Academy.

I do think parents need to make certain that as their children gain their independence with a driver’s licence and often move to tertiary education in bigger centres they are fully conversant with basic street smart behaviour.

It’s easy to be complacent because we live in a relatively safe country town.

But what if your daughter disappeared on the way home from a Saturday night out?

When you teach your children to drive, do you tell them to always keep the car locked? To never stop for anyone even if they appear genuine?

Do you tell them if they were attacked on the street that you are more likely to get attention if you yell ‘fire’ rather than ‘help’? Or if it’s a child being threatened don’t yell ‘help’, yell ‘Mum, Dad’.

When on public transport alone, don’t choose a window seat. A seat on the aisle is a safer alternative.

As a very experienced solo traveller in some dangerous overseas countries it amazes me how naïve a lot of younger people are and consequently may have possessions stolen or feel unsafe.

We are very lucky to have Daniel Zrajko to provide an experienced facilitator for such information.

Being aware doesn’t necessarily mean you have to learn martial arts.

Hopefully there will be another self defence seminar and more parents will take advantage of this invaluable information.

Yours etc

Liz White


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