Happy to debate Deni air freight hub proposal

September 28, 2017


The letter from Paul Fellows (PT Sept. 5, 2017) only proved that he doesn’t know me.

For his information I’m 58 years old. If that makes me in my ‘‘autumn years’’ (i.e. about to drop off the twig) then he managed to offend a large percentage of Deniliquin’s demographic.

Several people rushed to tell me that Mr Fellows may not be that far behind me in vintage.

However what was missing from his letter was any debate of the merits of my previous letter (PT Sept. 1, 2017).

He did not mount a single counterargument to one of my statements, facts or calculations. Just an inaccurate attempt at ‘playing the man, not the ball’.

Since Mr Fellows doesn’t know me he wouldn’t be aware of anything about my work history, experience and qualifications. Suffice it to say that I’m more than happy to debate the merits (or otherwise) of any business proposal.

As I was born in 1959 I don’t actually remember anything about the 1950s but one thing I do admire from that time is that it seems there was a lot more common sense around then than there is today.

Finally, I’m not sure whether my glass is half full or half empty but I can tell you one thing for sure. My glass does not contain any substance that would make me risk my money in the proposed airport freight hub project.

Yours etc.

Glenn Thomson


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