What message does ‘no’ vote send to our children?

October 01, 2017


It is not often I feel so compelled to write in reply to an opinion but I cannot sit back and say nothing after reading John Fowler’s letter to the editor in the PT (Friday, Sept. 22).

How many people understand the evolution of marriage?

I would like to highlight ‘marriage’ is invented. It is a social ritual humans created to recognise the coming together of two people to establish the rights and obligations of each other.

In every culture there are different expectations around marriage, we all see it differently based on our own experiences.

John Howard decided in 2004 the existing Marriage Act, which governs marriage law, did not align with his cultural values. I have never agreed with him.

Marriage for me has nothing to do with raising children. It is well researched that confident, successful people feel safe, have a sense of belonging, are educated and feel loved. As long as those who raise them embed those fundamental qualities kids turn out fabulous.

I personally felt very uncomfortable being forced to say ‘marriage is between a man and a woman’ when I was married in 2015. Quite frankly I don’t believe it should be this way.

So I would have to disagree with John in this case as I have voted ‘yes’ and encourage people who are voting ‘no’ to think about the message they are sending to our children.

Yours etc.

Hayley Purbrick


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