Good news in Old Testament

By Deniliquin Pastoral Times

We left last week’s Faith For Today with the encouragement that God is on our side to overcome the damage that sin has done to ourselves and the rest of God’s ‘‘good creation’’.

The message of the Old Testament is that God first had to show us how far we had moved away from His original design so we could recognise our need of rescue from the consequence of sin – eternal death.

Most people would probably see the Old Testament as being a list of dos and don’ts, designed to spoil an otherwise fun life.

When God gave Moses the Ten Commandments it was actually to protect people from harm, both to themselves and others.

Unfortunately, the Old Testament also shows a history of people unable and unwilling to recognise a loving God reaching out to draw people back to a relationship with Him.

In order for this rescue to work it would require more than a partial co-operation from a people who had already proved to be less than able to live up to what would be required from their side.

The most amazing part of God’s plan would be to provide an answer to meet not only the expectations of a Holy God for His people, but also to prove His forgiveness for those who could not meet these expectations.

Romans 3:23 tells us that means every one of us!

The good news which God announced through His Prophets, and the theme of the Old Testament, is that the ‘Messiah’ was coming to rescue God’s people.

More next week.

~ Contributed by Bruce Driver from Deniliquin Uniting Church, on behalf of the Combined Churches of Deniliquin.